Building Health is a nurse-led occupational health provider integrated within ROBINSON GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION GROUP and specializes in the construction industry. Building Health helps you to manage health risks and comply with health and safety legislation and provides fitness for work and health surveillance for your workers. We will go to wherever you are working, whenever you need us. We see each person individually with no forms for them to complete. We report our findings to you and issue a fitness certificate.


Some jobs in the construction industry involve activities that can place workers at risk, unless the person has full, unimpaired control of their physical and mental capabilities. These jobs are called ‘safety critical' and the people who do them are ‘safety-critical workers'. You will need to decide whether an activity contains a safety-critical element and an incapacitated worker might expose themselves or others to a significant risk of harm. We will focus on health conditions that may involve, sudden loss of consciousness, impaired awareness or concentration, sudden incapacity, impaired balance or coordination, restricted mobility and impaired vision or hearing...



The misuse of drugs and alcohol is serious in the workplace. Possession of some drugs is illegal; other prescribed drugs and over the counter medicines can have side effects which could affect safety. Alcohol too can affect productivity, performance and team morale. Both drugs and alcohol are known to affect concentration and physical coordination which can lead to dangerous behavior. This is relevant when considering the safety critical nature of specific jobs within the construction industry and the potential for catastrophic events.



Health and safety law requires pre-employment and periodic medicals for workers who are exposed to certain defined hazards, such as asbestos, lead and radiation. These ‘statutory medicals' have to be carried out by an appointed doctor who is designated by HSE. The nature and frequency of the medical is described in the relevant legislation and supporting guidance. Our HSE Appointed Dr can do Asbestos Medicals, Radiation Medicals and Lead Medicals.



There are situations when you need to refer a member of staff to us. This may be to manage absence or following an accident at work. Early intervention can help prevent staff being absent due to ill health. We can also see staff after an accident at work. You will need to complete a management referral form and we make arrangements to see the staff member. You receive a report within 3 days. 


We offer tailor made health promotion activities. We have given lorry drivers healthy breakfasts and pedometers, given out sun cream in hot weather and drop in sessions for staff to come and talk about specific health issues. These can be delivered in line with national initiatives such as Men Health Week or according to your need. We enjoy delivering these. They tend to be well received and are often a rare opportunity for your workers to have some face to face contact with a friendly health professional.